Announcing: Ubuntu Educators

The Ubuntu Educators team is focused on producing open courseware related to Ubuntu and other FOSS applications. The team is currently using Moodle to both develop and publish courses. The courses will be published as CC-BY-SA and be free to take and available for download as well. The goal is to develop materials that are similar to those in the Open Course Library Project or MIT OpenCourseware Project but focused on helping users learn to use Ubuntu and FOSS applications as well as courses that can assist IT professionals support FOSS in their environment.

The Ubuntu Educators will work under the Ubuntu Learning umbrella with two other teams. One of the other teams is focused on the mechanics of actually teaching the courses in-person or using IRC and the other team is concerned with producing materials for courses. If you would like to know more about the Umbrella group you can visit its wiki page.

If you are interested in joining the team and assisting with course development please visit the teams LaunchPad page, wiki page or the Ubuntu Educators Ning site. The team also has an email list interested folks can join.

Ubuntu User Days:

Chris Johnston announced Ubuntu User Days the other day and I hope a great many people are looking forward to the opportunity to learn more about Ubuntu through this event. As a member of the UCLP and Beginners Team I am happy to see project focus on educating the end user. This will be a fantastic on-line synchronous event for Ubuntu Users (no programming knowledge required) to learn more about the OS they are running or considering running.

I will be your instructor for Ubuntu Equivalent Programs; this session will cover a range of programs that you can use to get ‘stuff’ done with a focus on talking specific programs to replace the functionality of Microsoft Office, iPhoto, Photoshop, and other ‘basic’ programs. I will also provide links to two web sites that provide lists of ‘alternate programs’. It is important for people debating making the switch to know that several of the programs discussed will be cross platform so they can start running them prior to making ‘the switch’.

I mentioned the UCLP above (Ubuntu Community Learning Project) and want to mention that it is in the process of developing asynchronous courses as well. There are currently two that you can take:

  • Power Publishing – Inkscape, GIMP, Scribus
  • Introduction to Open Office 3

You can find these courses at our Moodle server. To sign-up for a course you will have to login (OpenID logins are accepted).


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