November: FOSS Activites

This is the first time I have posted my monthly activities on my blog, but doing so serves two purposes. The first is that I hope to become a more active blogger. The second is that it will force me to review my activities monthly. The month of November marked the end of my term on the Ubuntu Community Council and a return to a focus on advocacy and local activity. I have included some activities that took place at the end of October since this is my first report.


  • Reported a bug in Seahorse (version 3.18) that results in gpg keys generated at the command line to not be visible in Seahorse or available to Evolution. 758355, 1283001
  • Reported a bug in Nautilus and Unity that results in a new file window being opened when you empty the trash from the Unity dash. 1445595
  • Reported a bug with Ubuntu that caused the 5Ghz network to be unavailable when I opened the lid of my laptop to resume from suspend. 1510339
  • Reported a bug that caused the keyboard backlight on the Dell XPS 9343 to turn on at boot and when resuming from suspend instead of remembering the last setting. 1510344


  • Submitted my first article to the Fedora Commblog for publication.
  • Submitted my first article to Fedora Magazine for publication.
  • Started planning for LUGOR (Linux User Group of Rochester) presentations starting in February or March of 2016.
  • Gave away an older laptop with Fedora 23 LXDE to a student who wanted to get more in to programming.


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