Community Appreciation Day

Today is Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day, but this year I am going to expand my appreciation beyond the boundaries of the Ubuntu Community to include anyone in open source that has impacted my journey in open source.


Mark Shuttleworth
For his assistance in helping me stay calm and focused over the last two years despite the cacophony that arose from a multitude of issues. Mark provided me, and others, with friendly advice at several times when the pressure was peaking. Mark does an excellent job of balancing the needs of Canonical and the Ubuntu Community. Every time I speak with Mark I gain a new perspective on the issue we are discussing.


Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph
Lyz continues to be an inspiration for me with regards to what a dedicated person can achieve in the world of open source. Despite her success I constantly see her reaching out to help others as well. She is devoted to open source and the Ubuntu Community.


Landon Jurgens
Landon and I met early along my adventure in to open source as we endeavoured to build an Ubuntu group in Syracuse, NY. Landon is another person who has proven that it is possible to succeed in the open source world and serves as an inspiratoin for me. Landon currently works for Rackspace.


Remy DeCausemaker
Remy and I have known each other for a long time and both of us are very active in the Rochester, NY open sources community. Remy helped grow the FOSS movement at RIT and continues to be active to this day. The man is a legend in his own time. Remy is currently employed by RedHat and serves as the Community Action and Impac Lead for the Fedora Project. Remy plays an integral role in helping universities include open source in their academic programs. Remy is also the co-founder of is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on access, openness and transparency of public information.

Joe Anderson
Joe and I have known each other since 2008 when I first got invovled with the New York State Ubuntu LoCo. Joe has a fantasticly intelligent, witty and dry sense of humor that comes out when discussing open source topics that normally devolve in to holy wars (Emacs vs Vim). Joe constantly inspires me to think more deeply about the open source movement.

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