Dell XPS 13 9343 – Right Side Bright Strip

Dell XPS Screen Flaw

Solid Color Background

I usually use a picture as a desktop and do not notice this, but I noticed a slight bright line on the right edge of my Dell XPS 13 with a wallpaper option. I confirmed by changing to a solid color (image above). When testing for light bleed this was not noticed because of the automatic screen brightness adjustment. In most cases I do not notice the issue, but I have to wonder if this is a defect or to be expected with this type of monitor. See a image with the browser at full screen to simulate normal use.

Normal Use

Normal Use

You can still see the ‘bright’ or ‘hot’ part of the screen on the right side, but it is not a huge issue. If you own a Dell XPS 13 9343; do you have this issue?

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4 Responses to Dell XPS 13 9343 – Right Side Bright Strip

  1. Jan Moren says:

    I don’t think it looks abnormal for a laptop screen. They have very little depth available to create an even illumination across the entire surface, so some unevenness and edge bleeding is fairly common. I note you’ve angled the camera to see it “from the side”, which also makes it more visible.

  2. leoheck says:

    This was the 1st thing annoying me when I put my hands on the new dell XPS 13. I didn’t note that on windows so maybe this can be fixed!

  3. ankit pasi says:

    I have 2 dell xps 9343’s with the same “issue”. Not a problem, in usage, if im being honest.

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