Logitech T630 a Micro Mouse

I have been looking for a smaller more portable mouse to go along with my new Dell XPS 13 (9343) and today I bought the Logitech T630. Usually I try mice before buying them, but no local retailer had one on display. I normally use buttons to navigate back, forward and expo in Ubuntu Unity and I always struggle to find a travel mouse that has those extra features.

The Good:

  • Fantastic fit and finish for a mouse
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Excellent touch gestures that work in Ubuntu Unity out of the box
    • forward (two finger swipe left to right)
    • back (two finger swipe right to left)
    • scroll up / down (swipe up and down on the mouse)
    • right and left click
    • Tabbing through Firefox tabs (left edge swipe)
    • Open the Dash (‘Widows Key”) (two finger double tap)
  • Bluetooth connection was consistent and responsive

The Bad:

  • It is small
  • The clicks are loud

I was very impressed with the touch features of the mouse. I was able to use them in Unity to navigate back, forward and navigate through Firefox tabs. I was also able to open the dash using a two finger double tap and mapped ‘button 2″ to expo. These functions made an excellent replacement for the physical buttons on traditional mouse.

In the end the excellent traits of the mouse were not enough to outweigh the fact that it was not comfortable for me to use. Due to the excessive small size I returned the mouse, but for people who can tolerate a smaller mouse this would be an excellent mobile mouse for Ubuntu.

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2 Responses to Logitech T630 a Micro Mouse

  1. Were there any provisions for middle click at all?

    • Charles Profitt says:

      Yes, the middle click is provided by clicking the rear portion of the mouse in the middle. That resulted in ‘button 2’ and I mapped that to expo in Unity / compiz.

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