1990: Copyrights and Computer Operating Systems

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Interesting to look back to the past and see where the world of computing was in the past. I lived through it, but it is hard for many to believe that operating systems used to have less than 1 MB (yes, Megabyte) of memory. Also, interesting to see that some folks thought Apple actually had a unique idea with a graphical user interface despite the fact that it started with Douglas Engelbart at SRI (Stanford Research Institute) and continued at Xerox Parc with release of the Alto computer [1]. The explanation about the command line interface is interesting as well. GUIs were exciting and many thought they would replace command line, but even Microsoft and Apple still use command line today.

As a user of Linux I am very happy that Apple was not permitted to copyright the GUI. Without it we would not have Ubuntu and Unity, Gnome Shell, KDE, LXDE, etc. It is a much better world that people be able to choose the best option for their work style.

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Interesting video covering Linux where The Computer Chronicles poses the question how can anyone make a business selling it. Perhaps the wrong question now that we can look back knowing that businesses have been built around Linux and Open Source Software. Companies like Google and Facebook would not exist without the operating system. Companies like Canonical and Redhat exist by selling services supporting it. Amazing times we live in.

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