Fast USB 3.0 Flash Drive

As the amount of files we store has increased over time it has become painful to use old slow USB flash drives. I decided to replace the myriad of slow USB drives totaling 49GB with a single USB flash drive with 64GB or greater.

Collection of USB flash drives

Collection of USB flash drives

The largest drive I had previously was 16GB which was painfully slow when moving large files or large quantities of small files. The problem with having so many small drives is that it was difficult to remember what files were on which drive. The alternative to the traditional flash drive was a ‘pocket SSD drive’. Most of these were in the $150+ range and came in larger packages that required a USB 3.0 cable.

size comparison

Size comparison – SanDisk Extreme in the middle

I wanted a smaller package than that though and settled on the SanDisk Extreme CZ80 64GB. As you can see above the drive is a little smaller than the older Cruizer Mini and larger than the Cruzer Micro, but it is still quite portable.

Performance Chart

Performance Chart

The drive claims that it gets up to 245MB/s read and 190MB/s write. While I did not reach that level of performance I found the speed to be extremely fast and far better than the older drives I owned. I have had great luck with my SanDisk drives being durable in the past so I have high hopes that I will enjoy the extreme speed of this drive for a long time to come.

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