Community Appreciation Day: Humanity at its Finest!

Today is Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day and I wanted to recognize several people who have helped me along my journey within the Ubuntu Community.

Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph
Lyz has been a friend for years. We met when I was just transitioning from using Windows to using Linux. The Ubuntu New York LoCo was holding its bi-annual release part at the Holiday Inn located in Waterloo, NY on November, 8th 2009. Lyz gave a presentation “Who Uses and Contributes to Open Source Projects (And how you can too!)” that day and helped serve as a guide for the New York LoCo team as it sought to become an approved LoCo team. Lyz is an amazing person who has given me advice over the last five years. She contributes her energies to the Ubuntu project with a commitment and passion that has both my respect and admiration.

Thank you for all you have done Lyz!

Jorge Castro at FOSSCON in Rochester, NY

Jorge Castro at FOSSCON in Rochester, NY

Jorge Castro
Jorge is the first ‘Ubuntu celebrity’ that I interacted with. When I was helping to organize FOSSCON at RIT in Rochester, NY I contacted Jorge to ask if he would attend and present at the conference. I think Jorge’s participation helped us attract attendees the first year and I was grateful that he was willing to attend. FOSSCON has become a successful conference under the guidance of my friend Jonathan Simpson. Jorge also encouraged me to apply for sponsorship to an Ubuntu Developer Summit which culminated in my being sponsored and attending my first UDS. Jorge is a person that is always willing to help others with great energy and a smile. He is an awesome contributor to the Ubuntu Community and I am thankful that I have met him in person.

Jorge you inspire us with your advice to Just Do It!

Jono Bacon
At my first UDS I was in awe of the people around me. They were brilliant high energy people committed to Ubuntu and open source. There was a fantastic energy and passion in every session I attended. While I had offered what thoughts I had and signed up to undertake work items in many sessions I felt like a small fish in a sea of very big fish. It was Jono who took the time to let me know that he was impressed with my willingness to speak up, volunteer to undertake work and get things done. He made me feel as though my contributions were appreciated. It is an awesome feeling I will remember for the rest of my life. He inspired me that day to continue to contribute and to help others do the same.

Jono, you have my utmost respect for your ability to inspire people to take on important work and make the world a better place.

Mark poses with a student from Poland

Mark with a student from Poland

Mark Shuttleworth
While many would thank Mark for his unique vision for Ubuntu or his massive contribution of money to fund the project, I would like to thank him for the personal touch he exhibits to members of the community. Mark took the time to autograph a picture for my young son who was impressed that I knew a person who had been in space. To this day my son tells his peers at school about the picture and keeps it on his night stand. I also remember a young man at his first UDS that had a great idea and wanted to present it to Mark. I mentioned this to Mark and he immediately made time to meet the young man and listened intently to his idea. The young man felt he had a limited ability to impact the project as a college student from Poland, but after speaking with Mark he was inspired and felt that he could make a difference in his local community and in the Ubuntu Project. To this day I am amazed at the passion to do good that I have seen Mark exhibit.

Thanks for creating the project Mark; you are truly amazing.

Laura Czajkowski
I have worked with Laura on the LoCo Council and on the Community Council and she is a fantastically dedicated hard working person who is very passionate about Ubuntu LoCo Teams. She is an advocate for women in technology and open source. Laura has helped move many projects along and one of the hardest working people I have ever met. It is amazing how much work she does behind the scenes without ever seeking recognition or thanks.

Thank your Laura for all your hard work and dedication to the Ubuntu Community.

Brian Neil
Brian is one of the first New York Ubuntu LoCo members I met. We met at Wegman’s in Rochester, NY on November 6th, 2008 with the intention of reviving the NY LoCo team. Over the next several years Brian played a key role in helping me expand the activities of the team. He helped organize the launch parties, presentations, irc meetings and other activities. Brian helped man many booths at local technology events and was instrumental in getting the team copies of CDs before we were eligible to receive them from Canonical.

Thank you Brian!

Daniel Holbach
What a truly amazing person! Daniel is very thoughtful and understanding when dealing with important issues in the Ubuntu community. He takes on multiple tasks with ease and is always cheerful and energetic. He helps to keep the Community Council organized and on task. When Daniel contributes his thoughts they are always well thought out and of high value.

Daniel you are awesome my friend!

The Ubuntu Community is filled with unique, intelligent and amazing people. There is not enough space to mention everyone, but I truly feel enriched for having met many of you either in-person or online. Each and every one of you help make the Ubuntu Community amazing!

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4 Responses to Community Appreciation Day: Humanity at its Finest!

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  2. Jorge Castro says:

    Thanks for the shout out, lova ya brother!

  3. Jorge Castro says:

    Thanks for the shout out, love ya brother!

  4. pleia2 says:

    Thanks Charles! I have very fond memories of that trip to Waterloo, one of my favorite locally organized events to date🙂

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