Ubuntu 13.10 Reboots Instead of Shutting Down

The last few days I was struggling to find the causes of a peculiar issue. Ubuntu 13.10, given the conditions detailed below, would reboot instead of shutting down.

  • Suspend computer by closing lid
  • Resume computer by opening lid
  • Select shut down from the menu

The expected behavior is that the laptop would shutdown, but what actually happened is a shutdown followed within two seconds by a reboot. I posted a question on Askubuntu asking what logs I should look at and I posted on the Ubuntu forums looking for any advice at all. I continued my own trouble shooting and found the culprit was the newly acquired Anker® Uspeed USB 3.0 7-Port Hub + 5V 2A Charging Port.

Two different computers had the issue with the hub attached. I tested on a Lenovo T530 and X230. The Anker uses the VIA VL812 chipset and my research on that shows other manufacturers advertising that they have updated firmware (v8581) on their devices. I was unable to determine what firmware the Anker was using and their website did not offer any firmware upgrades. There is also a VIA VL812-B2 chipset that Anker and other manufacturers are advertising as well.


Ubuntu users looking for a USB 3.0 hub may want to avoid the Anker 68UPHUB-B8U and potentially the VIA VL812 chipset.

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8 Responses to Ubuntu 13.10 Reboots Instead of Shutting Down

  1. qunungnauraq says:

    Maybe it’s been hacked with NSA software or hardware and can’t run on ubuntu which see’s it as an error and re-starts.

  2. Yann says:

    Hello, how did you figure out this was the issue? I got the same issue on my X230 with Ubuntu 13.10, without any additional device attached.

    • Charles Profitt says:

      I have not isolated it 100% yet… but it appears that the bios setting “Always On USB” may be able to resolve the issue. When enabled it leaves USB ports powered during low power states. I still think there may be some resolution on the configuration side, but so far in testing setting this to disabled as resolved any issues I have.

      • qunungnauraq says:

        Have you tried booting from a live DVD or usb and attempting to shut down? That would help eliminate a few variables such as hardware or UEFI.

        • Charles Profitt says:

          I have tried booting from a USB boot media and live CD. It appears that disabling Always On USB and changing USB 3.0 from Auto to enabled resolves the issues.

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