Community Help Wiki

The new community help wiki front page

The new community help wiki front page

Recently a small group of dedicated people have been working to update the community help wiki. Today alone they completed 378 edits. While many of these updates have been simply to tag pages some of them have been significant. In particular knome is responsible for cleaning up the home page (above) and several navigation pages such the applications menu (below).

The new applications navigation menu

The new applications navigation menu

The All of this activity is to help prepare for the release of Ubuntu 14.04. The Ubuntu documentation team could always use more people to assist with documentation. The team is broken up in to three different areas:

Working on the wiki can be as simple as identifying pages that need to be updated for the current version of Ubuntu or converting a blog post to a wiki page. I recently converted one of my blog posts to update the Joomla page on the community help wiki and it was very easy to do. A good way to find a good match for your particular area of expertise is to look at the categories page. You can also look at the list of pages that are tagged with ‘Needs Updating‘.

Keeping documentation up to date is a great example of ‘many hands make light work. No matter what your technical expertise is the documentation team can use your help.

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3 Responses to Community Help Wiki

  1. Gorgon says:

    Why? Why should contributors continue to work on things that Canonical does not find important?

    • Charles Profitt says:

      I may not understand your question… but the community should work on things the community finds important because they are important to the community.

    • belkinsa says:

      Canonical is only there for the stuff that the community can’t do. It’s really the comminity that keeps Ubuntu the way it is. It’s not Canonical, themselves, that write the docs or mantain the Community Help Wiki, it’s us the community members that do these things. Most of the developers of the core apps are community members. Only some do work for Canonical, rest are a volutreer force.

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