Best Linux Distribution: Ubuntu

I just got my December Linux Journal which features its ‘Readers Choice Awards’. I was pleased to see that Ubuntu came in first place getting 16% of the total vote. I was also happy to see that three of the top four choices were Debian based.

  1. Ubuntu – 16%
  2. Debian – 14.1%
  3. Arch – 10.8%
  4. Mint – 10.5%

That gives Debian based distributions 40.6 % of the total votes just in the top four slots. The break down for Ubuntu variants was as follows:

  1. Ubuntu – 16%
  2. Kubuntu – 3.8%
  3. Xubuntu – 2%
  4. Ubuntu Server – 1.6%
  5. Lubuntu – .5%

There are some other categories which I think were interesting. As often as I read posts and articles maligning Unity it did well. Here is how the best desktop environment broke down:

  1. KDE – 17.9%
  2. Ubuntu/Unity – 12.9%
  3. KDE Plasma – 12.7%
  4. Xfce – 12.1%
  5. Gnome 3 – 14.1% (note: this might be a typo in the magazine — it was listed as 5th, but the number they gave would put it in second)

I was not sure what the difference between KDE and KDE Plasma is but I find it interesting that none of the responses to Gnome 3/Gnome Shell other than Unity made it in to the top five.

To see the other entries and the complete list you can subscribe to Linux Journal.

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14 Responses to Best Linux Distribution: Ubuntu

  1. Jani says:

    Is there an error in Gnome’s percentage? Currently it’s 14.1% which should make it #2 on the list.

  2. Aaron Seigo says:

    “not sure what the difference between KDE and KDE Plasma is”

    There is none; it’s the ongoing transition from “KDE is the name of the desktop and everything else from the KDE community” to “KDE is the community which makes things, e.g. Plasma”. It’s taking time to settle in, but progress is being made.

    So KDE’s desktop offerings took 30.6% or ~2.4 times the next nearest entrant. That’s a pretty clear mandate from the Linux Journal readership.

  3. bartotten says:

    Question is: Is there difference in users of distributions and their interest in such magazines? And the % convered in the magazine.

    For example (I don’t know the magazine) it is most read by beginners and reviews Ubuntu as the best platform for beginners. As their readers -the beginners- vote, the list might be a reflection of the content of the magazin rather than a ‘more nuanced’ result.

    Furthermore: KDE software is split, there are errors/typo’s. This list seems a bit garbage to me :S

    • Charles Profitt says:

      I would imagine the split was the result of how users ‘see’ KDE… the KDE result might be KDE 3 vs KDE 4; though I would think that KDE 3 would be long gone by now.

  4. joakim says:

    They really screwed up the “desktop environment” list. Should be more like:

    1. KDE – 30.6%
    2. Gnome 3 – 14.1%
    3. Unity – 12.9%
    4. XFCE – 12.1%
    5. Cinnamon – 8.6%

  5. J.C. Denton says:

    Ubuntu – 16% vs. Debian – 14.1%: difference is ~2%
    Ubuntu/Unity – 12.9% vs. Xfce – 12.1%: differenc is <1%

    Damn what is this article supposed to tell me? That Ubuntu is the greatest distro on earth? C'm on I migrated systems in the german govt from Ubuntu to Debian and some to "Red Hell". In private I stick with FreeBSD and NetBSD — not beacuse Ubuntu is so great. Please, wake up!

    • Charles Profitt says:

      The article from Linux Journal was just their ‘readers choice’ awards. My assumption is that they were reporting statistics. I am not sure such reporting needs a declarative of ‘Please wake up!’

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  7. Unity isn’t a DE, it is a plugin for Compiz and uses the Gnome desktop. Unity is not a desktop environment. Why do people keep perpetuating this inaccuracy?

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