Ubuntu Community Council

My good friend Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph posted about what the Ubuntu Community Council is and I would like to add my perspective. I have served for a little under the two year term because I filled a spot vacated during the current term. In that period of time there has been quite a bit of change and controversy in the Ubuntu Community. I feel strongly that the Community Council was able to act as a conduit between the community and Canonical during this period of change. While there were many important items the council dealt with one of the most important was the re-write of the Code of Conduct (Code of Conduct 2.0). Serving on the council with the seven other members has been rewarding and meaningful.

The council benefits from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. If you are a deeply dedicated to open source, in general, and Ubuntu then you may want to consider serving on the Community Council. I want to reinforce that to serve on the Community Council you simply need to care about Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Community. You do not need to be a developer, a super hero or a master dev-op.

You need to:

  • Be considerate
  • Be respectful
  • Take responsibility for your words and actions
  • Be collaborative
  • Value decisiveness, clarity and consensus
  • Ask for help when unsure
  • Willing to give credit to others who earn it

If you fit that description or know someone who does please see the Community Council Call for Nominations and follow the process outlined there to submit a nomination.

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