Testing: On To Saucy Salamader!

Saucy SalamanderWith the upgrade of my main laptop to 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) I have now migrated my testing laptop to Saucy Salamander. I want to stress to everyone — this is my testing laptop and not one that I rely to store important content. I do use it daily for things like browsing the web, listening to music and playing Minetest with my children.

Part of my testing always involves doing an upgrade; while my main laptop always gets a fresh install after a data backup. To run a backup to a development release you can simply run the following command:

$ sudo update-manager -d

This command updates to the latest development release. Keep in mind that this will disable third party sources.

Why Run The Development Release
Some of you may wonder why I run a development release. I run the development release because it is a way to give back to the community by helping to make the next release as stable and polished as possible. Bugs reported in the development release are much more likely to be fixed than those in stable releases.


ubuntu-problem diagram

You can read more about the process of solving problems and fixing bugs here in my previous post. If you have a spare machine running the development release is a great way to help the community and ensure that you have a great experience on release.

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One Response to Testing: On To Saucy Salamader!

  1. CSRedRat says:

    I will join not earlier than the 27th (the conditional Alpha) and when will update packages Kernel to 3.10 (with Hyper-V graphics driver) and X.org Server 1.14.

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