Friendly Needs You!

horizontalA little while ago I blogged about Ubuntu Friendly project and this post is an update in regards to some of the specifics of how you can help the project. The team is in the process of getting everything rolling and we need a little rock for the community. The initial meeting will be held on:

  • Wednesday February 6th at 01:00 UTC on irc #ubuntu-meeting

Topics will include:

  • hexr
  • improving the submission process
  • ubuntu friendly website

The great thing about Ubuntu Friendly is that you can help contribute to the community no matter what your level of technical comfort is. There is always a need to have more submissions of laptops and desktops to build the database of equipment that works well with Ubuntu. In the initial meeting we need input from people who would like to give us feedback on the submission process as well as from people who have ideas on improving the usability of itself. Come help build Ubuntu Friendly!

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4 Responses to Friendly Needs You!

  1. That is 1AM I assume? I’ll try to join although that may be difficult given the time. I want to encourage all the friendly contributors to keep in touch with the hardware certification team as we can definitely help by sharing or improving our tools to suit friendly clients.

  2. Do you have any logs from this meeting?

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