System76 Gazelle Professional: Wrap-up

In previous posts I covered many aspects of the Gazelle Professional laptop from System76. This post will talk about what I feel could be improved and what options I am considering to augment the experience. Here are the key points that were previously covered:

  • LCD quality of the 95% gamut matte screen is outstanding. The brightness, contrast, viewing angle and color gamut are outstanding
  • The panel is on part with what Lenovo uses in the W520/530 laptops and better than what is used the Lenovo X1 Carbon
  • The heat issue that has been raised on the forums is real, but nothing to worry about

While the technical specs are outstanding and the value is incredible , the single biggest reason to get the Gazelle Professional laptop is the customer service and support that comes standard from System76. They are an outstanding dedicated group of people.

While I am quite happy with my purchase there are some things I would like to see in the future. As a note one must keep in mind that System76 has to work with an ODM to get these features so some of them may not be possible.

  • A longer lasting battery standard or as an option. The 48Wh battery could be improved on by using a 62Wh 6 cell battery which I believe Clevo offers. Even better would be an optional 108Wh 9 cell battery.
  • Offering an improved DVD drive option or Blueray.
  • Offer an optical bay option that is easily switchable like the T and W series laptops from Lenovo
  • Offer a USB 3.0 hub as an accessory option

Options worth considering:
These are the options I would consider if ordering a Gazelle Professional now.

  • SSD drive + caddy case (I may still order these and just use an external DVD drive (this would be an easy decision if the optical bay was easier to switch)
  • An extra power adapter so I have one dedicated to my desk and another for my laptop bag. Right now I will have to unplug it by crawling under my desk.
  • I am considering the purchase of a USB 3.0 hub. This will allow me to make better use of external USB 3.0 devices.

HD Wallpaper
I also like the idea of having a wallpaper that shows off the fantastic lcd panel. I made a simple one, but this does not really show off the panel.

Gazelle Wallpaper

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