System76 Gazelle Professional: the lcd

One of the main reasons I decide to get the Gazelle Professional was the ability to get a 1920×1080 screen. I have never had a laptop screen lower than 1680×1050 (my Lenovo T500) so I am just not able to deal with the 1366×768 screens that are prevalent on most consumer level laptops. I also strongly dislike glossy screens so I selected the 95% gamut matte finish.

I tested the monitor using the tools at:  Here are the standout results:

White saturation was highly dependent on the angle of the screen. At some angled I lost the squares in 253 and 254 and at others I could see the squares in all zones.

Response time is excellent.

The Contrast ratio tool resulted in 677:1 contrast ratio; though I was not able to control my camera to the amount required for a more accurate measurement.

I also ran my Lenovo T500 and the W520 through the tests as well. The W520 has a 1920×1080 screen and the T500 has a 1680×1050 screen). I older non-LED screen on the T500 was not on par with the System76 or the W520; though to be honest I was a bit surprised how well it did on the tests. Overall I would give a slight advantage to the System76 screen against the W520 from Lenovo. Considering the well respected reputation Lenovo has that says a great deal to me.

I also find the viewing angle of the TN panel to be excellent (see below for pictures)

Gazelle Professional Viewing Angle Image 1

Gazelle Professional Viewing Angle Image 2

Gazelle Professional Viewing Angle

Gazelle Professional Viewing Angle Image 3

The viewing angle is very good for a TN panel. (keep in mind I was in a dimly lit room at night with a point and shoot camera) The most interesting part of the test was the two System76 ads that I saw rotated through the test site. (see one example below).

I summary the 95% gamut 1920×1080 TN panel on the Gazelle Professional will not disappoint. I am very pleased with it.

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