System76 Gazelle Professional

The System76 Gazelle Professional I ordered has arrived; here are my first quick impressions.

  • The screen (matte 95% gamut) is incredible. It looks way better than the screen on my T500 (1600×900) and on-par with my W520 (1920×1080) laptop from work. The new System76 at 25% brightness looks slightly brighter than the T500.
  • There is a slight heat difference on the left hand side of the palm rest, but nothing I would complain about
  • The case appears to be very solid (it is plastic). I would say it has bit more keyboard flex than the T500 and W520, but the build quality is actually pretty close. I grade it above the HP and Dell laptops I have seen in the last two years.
  • The T500 and W520 produce more noise (at least to my ears)

Unfortunately I had several meetings today after work so my time with the new machine has been limited, but the initial grade is an A. I will write more over the next few days.

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