UDS Day Five: Sunset Begins

Today is day five of five at UDS; the sun has started its downward path towards the edge of the horizon. This week has been inspiring, motivating and energizing; incredible things happen when passionate, intelligent and driven people get together for a week. Each and every UDS I have been at has resulted in the same feeling for me; the experience is unbelievably awesome!

Oakland Sunset

Oakland Sunset

The reality though is that those of us at UDS are really watching the sunrise on Quantal Quetzal (pronounced: /ˈkɛtsəl/). At UDS we set tasks for this cycle… not just for Ubuntu the operating system, but Ubuntu the community. A rich vibrant community that embraces and thrives on the energy and diversity of its members. There are many, many hundreds of work items that will begin next week and even if you were not at UDS you can get involved by looking at the various sessions on the event calendar. Simply subscribe to the blueprints that interest you and contact the person who is assigned that blueprint.

Oakland Sunrise

Oakland Sunrise

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