UDS Day Four: Code of Conduct Review

I felt it was important to capture the emotional response from this meeting instead of waiting until the end of the day. The Community Council met with the community at UDS to discuss the current revision of the code of conduct. There was one amazing and inspiring commonality in evidence; everyone deeply cared about the health of Ubuntu. This was especially evident in comments made by Allison Randall and Mark Shuttleworth. The original code of conduct was created in Oxford and was derived by a desire to avoid the pitfalls that other open source projects had fallen to. The current process of revising the code of conduct is reflective of that same desire, but based on several years of experience.

One thing in particular was to eliminate ad-hominem attacks and attacks on community members… these types of behaviors do terrible damage to a community, because it will cause people to curtail their involvement in Ubuntu. In short what is really being said is ‘be excellent’ to one another even when a person holds an opinion that you do not agree with. An even more succinct statement is “assume the best in others.”

If you are interested you can view the pad here.

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