UDS Day Three: Preview

Today is the day many people were excited about as UDS approached. EA will be presenting at the second plenary session today. It will be interesting to hear how much deeper their commitment to exploring Ubuntu as a gaming platform is. While this is exciting for Linux gamers Intel’s presentation featuring Vin Sharma, Enterprise Open Source Software Strategist, Intel Corporation. He will be talking about turtles, data centers, open source and industry standards. If you are interested make sure you get the audio feed.

I have to let everyone know that the hotel here in Oakland is fantastic. It is close to many, many things to explore. There is ample public transport. Last, but not least, the breakfast fare is fantastic featuring fresh fruit including berries and made to order omelets. It is absolutely amazing and healthy. I thanked my chef this morning for the great job he has done making my delicious omelets he made for me each of the last three mornings.

made to order omelets

made to order omelets

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