UDS Day One

The Ubuntu Developer Summit is always an exciting event, but this cycle their appears to be a greater energy in the air. HP, Intel and EA are present. As the week unfolds the community will learn what these companies bring to Ubuntu. It is critical to understand that OEM/ODM relationships add a great value to Ubuntu. Working with manufacturers in Tawain and China ensure that devices will work with Ubuntu on launch, not weeks or months after the hardware releases.

plenary session

uds-quantal plenary day one

Another key to the success of Ubuntu is the app developers. There is no question that Ubuntu is a great platform, but its continued growth will be influenced greatly by how easy it is for app developers to publish their applications on Ubuntu. It was great to see the Canonical design team holding ‘design studio’ to help application developers make great design decisions for their applications. There is also a desire to make packaging easier.

design studio session

uds-quantal design studio session

Bdale Garbee also spoke about how Ubuntu is playing a key role in achieving goals in project Moonshot which seeks to massively re-envision the data center. The numbers are astounding.

project moonshot

project moonshot slide

Even more amazing is this is just a ‘start’. It is a big thing to have the worlds largest IT company involved with Ubuntu and present at UDS. This is just day one… I am excited about the rest of the week and the cycle. This is shaping up to be a momentous cycle.

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