Jamming Artists and the Ubuntu Community

This cycle I wanted to get some artists involved with the Ubuntu Global Jam. This stems from a conversation I listened to at UDS about Canonical employees not taking part in community activities. There were also many, many discussions about the growing community and how to bring community members in to the smaller sub-set of contributors. I was surprised with the somewhat common opinion that artists and designers were exempt just because they weren’t ‘developers’.

Artists help us see beauty in the world and they can help make products beautiful too; just take a look at what Jonathan Ive has done for Apple products. Canonical has really improved the look of Ubuntu and even created a font family that has an open license. The font family undertaken by Dalton Maag is a true work of art that helps make Ubuntu beautiful.

The plan, hatched last October, was to find an artist in my LoCo team who was willing to produce some art for the team and for the Ubuntu Global Jam. That plan failed miserably because I did not find any takers when I sent a request out via the email list looking for a ‘marketing lead’. Sheer luck and a person’s willingness to help made the idea a success anyway. I met a graphic artist on IRC and he agreed to do some artwork for the New York LoCo team and for the Global Jam itself. The most amazing thing I discovered during this process is that he was from New York, but was not a member of the LoCo team. As we progressed through creating the art resources he decided to join the LoCo team.

Here is final logo he made for the team:

Beautiful!! He also created two forum avatars and a series of other logo sizes matching the one above. The team now has a much improved logo to use with print media as well as properly sized logos for Launchpad, the loco portal, and our wiki page. Now when our LoCo team is publicly promoting Ubuntu it will have a wonderful and professional logo to use. Artists can engage with the community and contribute to it. To be honest each and every person can contribute to Ubuntu and as a community we must find a way for people to do so.

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