Jam Jam… Ubuntu Global Jam… Philly Jam

This weekend in the home of the cheese steak they will be spreading the jam. Earlier this week I interviewed jedijf of the Pennsylvania Loco Team. I hope that learning about how a loco team organizes their event will help others to organize events in the future.

Q: How many global jam events have you planned and executed?

<jedijf> This is my first Global Jam Event.
<cprofitt> awesome!! good to see you giving it a go.

 Q: What is your background?

<jedijf> my bio is at : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Jedijf
<jedijf> That was easy. The community that Ubuntu created inspired many of us in the early days, circa 2007.
<jedijf> The newness of the distro created much interest. Many friends were made, and many connections as well.
<jedijf> But, I think largely to its’ success, the interest is/has waning/waned. It works too well, too easily now.
<jedijf> The bug jam is a way to get people who have been taking; to give back. Make them realize that they are a part, and a vital part, to a larger whole.

Q: Will you be adding less technical jam tasks (like art, documentation, etc) to this cycles jam?

<jedijf> Yes. Not knowing the user base that will attend, and to lower the entry level, I keep promoting that *no* experience is necessary. Just a desire to learn about the process(es).
<jedijf> AskUbuntu…joining launchpad
<jedijf> the bar is very low. Sometimes we take for granted too much, and many who have been around aren’t even launchpad members.
* cprofitt nods
<jedijf> The recent promotion of the Bug Jam has spurred new launchpad users.

Q: What about testing now that testing can be done from a CD or memory stick?

<jedijf> I plan on a lot of handouts, like the 5-a-day pdf, and a triaging guide that we’ve used at our prior Bug Jam.
<jedijf> One of the comments on the Hive76 blog post about the event was specifically about that, and there will be cd’s and sticks available if anyone would like to do the upgrade report.
<cprofitt> beyond the upgrade report they can also send in their ‘friendly’ results
<jedijf> correct

Q: What is the most difficult hurdle to hosting a global jam?

<jedijf> The only difficulty i foresee is that people don’t attend because they don’t think that they’re qualified. I hope this week to present it as non-technical as possible.
<cprofitt> I think one key to that is focusing on the Global Jam part of this vs. Bug Jam
<cprofitt> When I ran bug jams I had only a few very technical people show up
<cprofitt> I am hoping that the broader name helps
<jedijf> I’m hoping that getting started in irc will allow them to see how easy it can be.
<jedijf> That’s why I think I’ll push AskUbuntu to start.

Q: What suggestions do you have for someone trying to get a global jam started in his/her area?

<jedijf> Well honestly, the same rule applies to all events. Just do it, and they will come. Somebody just has to step up and do it. It’s really not that hard. And it always turns out to be a good time.
<jedijf> It’s like the Ubuntu Field of Dreams.
<cprofitt> I agree — just get a place and advertise it

A first time organizer hits the nail on the head; just go do it and people will come!

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