New Location for Co-Sponsored Hands-On LInux Workshop

The Rochester contingent of the Ubuntu New York LoCo Team co-sponsors a hands on Linux workshop with Interlock Rochester. Interlock recently moved to a new space; gone are the aerobics dancers banging on the ceiling above our heads and the shared workshop space occasionally resulting in saw dust in the same airspace as our laptop cooling fans.

The space now has several rooms with dedicated rooms for:

  • Ham Radio
  • Workshop
  • Hands-on / Presentation Room
  • Lounge area
  • ‘Office Space’ with a closed door (quiet from the group)
  • Server / Networking room

The new space will provide much better accommodations for Ubuntu related activities. Here are some pictures of the new and vastly improved space.

class room area

electronics bench

electronics bench

ham room

ham room





This is really a fantastic upgrade and I hope that many Rochester area Ubuntu users will join us at events in the new space. The most important information I saved for last.

door 7

The Entry Point to Interlock

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