Ubuntu: My first code contribution

In 2007 I started the process of migrating my computer use and programming to Linux, Ubuntu and FOSS tools. My original intent was to contribute some code to the community after I learned the ropes of a new language (Python). In the early days of adopting Ubuntu I looked for a local group that could help ease my transition, but due to relative inactivity did not connect with the loco team until October of 2008. I decided if I wanted to see some local activity I would have to “build it” myself. Starting in November of 2008 I did just that and embarked on a three journey of building the community.

This past UDS I wanted to finally realize my original goal and was looking for a project that needed help and was willing to help a neophyte get started. I found just such a project in the loco portal. The key developers in the project are an amazing group who are very dedicated and willing to assist others. Yesterday I got a ping from Chris Johnston (cjohnston) with a bite-sized bug I could assist with. To be honest this was really not ‘code’, but it did involve using Bazaar to download the code, make the change, and push the change back up to have it proposed. The bug I was tasked with was – 892436. An amazingly small, but excellent bite-sized issue to help me learn Bazaar and the teams process.

Thank you Chris Johnston for helping me realize a goal I set back in 2007! If you are looking for a project in need of developers I would check out the loco-portal project; they are a fantastic group that will help you get started.

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7 Responses to Ubuntu: My first code contribution

  1. Tushar Kumar says:

    Wow… few months back I tried to contribute too but lost hope. Anyway, Nice job.

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  3. Jeremy Bicha says:

    Way to go!

    It still counts as ‘code’ the way Ubuntu development and Launchpad works. Now it should be just a bit easier to submit a fix or improvement the next time you find something similar!

    • Charles Profitt says:

      Exactly. learning Bazaar is a a good first step. I will continue to grow now. I just hope the fact that it took me three years to finally contribute will help others to continue plugging away as well.

  4. I’ve heard that No Virus ever comes in Linux.. is it true ?

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