I am because of all of you!

Today as I watched a multitude of people give appreciation to others I slowly put together my list of people who have helped me grow in the community and as a person. In particular I noticed the posts from Mark Shuttleworth and Daniel Holbach who echoed my thoughts about what makes the Ubuntu community unique and amazing.

In a galaxy of many stars, it’s perhaps impolite to single out one in particular.  ~ Mark Shuttleworth

I echo those thoughts; it is not my intent to forget to say thank you to or to not appreciate everyone who has helped me on my journey. I want to thank everyone who has been or is in the Ubuntu Community, but there are some people that I truly want to thank for having an impact on me.

In no particular order the folks who I would like to thank are:

  • Brian (aka hal14450) — a NY loco member who assisted in helping get the team going
  • bodhi.zazen — the person who noticed me on the forums and then invited me to get more involved in the global Ubuntu Community
  • compiledkernel — a person who I gamed with years and years ago that showed me Linux could be awesome
  • Elizabeth (aka pleia2) — a person who I always have great faith in being able to give me advice when I hit bumps in the path
  • johnc4510  — a person who encouraged me as I worked towards getting New York up and running by contributing many ideas
  • slick666  — the person who helped get Syracuse active as the second city in New York to hold events
  • Jorge — who encouraged me and saw a greater potential in me than I saw in myself

These people, coupled with the rest of the Ubuntu Community, are the reason I use Ubuntu. The technical details of the project are amazing, but it is the people who truly make the difference. This community is a beacon of what can be done by a group of highly motivated and dedicated people. My thanks goes out to everyone who reads this post; you are the difference! Thanks!

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