NYSCATE: Session Canceled

Yesterday I received notice from NYSCATE that the hands-on lab I was giving on November 19th had been canceled due to low enrollment.

This message is regarding your “Introduction to Open Source Applications” session.  Up to this point, we were holding on to your session in hopes that enrollment would trip to our cutoff of 3 participants, however, we will need to cancel the session due to low enrollment.

Yes, you read that correctly. There were not three educators interested in learning about Open Source Applications this year. With the same description last year I ended up with eight educators in my class. I am disappointed and now must think about how to raise interest for the session next year. When I look at the courses that survived they are either iDevice oriented or focused on an ‘outcome’. I obviously will not have the fortune of teaching about things that match the popularity of an Apple advertised computing device so I think next year I must find a desired outcome and align it with FOSS applications and tools.

The conference is very supportive of Open Source tools such as Moodle so I know there is no issue there. I need to find and tell a story relevant to education that involves Ubuntu and Open Source Applications. Sadly that will have to wait until next year.

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One Response to NYSCATE: Session Canceled

  1. Next time, try to see how you can make the title more attractive, as in “How Increase Your Budget For Other Projects With Open Source Applications.” The title is the most important thing in a talk, an article, etc. Focus on how attendees’ lives will be better off after speaking to you. It may be obvious to you, but not to them.

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