UDS: LoCo Team Guidelines

I was in a session yesterday that discussed the need to allow for more truly local teams to develop and did some research. I am encouraged by the discussion on potentially removing artificial boundaries from the formation of loco teams. I did some research last night and found the following facts:

3,930,000 sq mi
population 731,000,000
181/sq mi

United States
3,794,101 sq mi
population 312,549,000
87.4/sq mi

It is interesting that the US is slightly larger than Europe, but holds under half the population. In some cases states are larger than entire countries in Europe.

Texas — 2nd largest state
268,581 sq mi
population 25,145,561
96.3/sq mi

94,060 sq mi
population 58,789,194
pop density 661.9/sq mi

While Texas almost three times larger than the United Kingdom it has less than half the population. Contrast that with a more dense state

New York State
54,556 sq mi
population 19,378,102
408.7/sq mi

London – population
12,892/sq mi
metro: 13,945,000

New York – population
27,532/sq mi
metro: 18,897,109

Still a lower population than Texas, but it is more condensed and more similar to the UK in density. I strongly support the idea, but am concerned that we do so in a way that effectively addresses the issues of both geographic distance and population density. Its a tough task the LoCo Council and Community Council have and I am positive that the elected Ubuntu Leaders will make the best decision possible.

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