Packed for UDS

I spent today packing for UDS and excited to be headed to Florida for a week of rewarding work. This is my second UDS and I feel much more prepared for the flow of the event. I plan on blogging about it each day and posting pictures from the event as well. If you are interested in attending remotely you should check the schedule  for sessions that interest you. All sessions have an IRC channel and some will be video taped. Here is a list of a few of the sessions I am interested in attending:

  • Monday – 11:00..11:55 Hybrid graphics support strategy planning
  • Monday – 11:00..11:55 Better Recognizing Community Contributions
  • Monday – 12:00..13:00 Ubuntu Leadership Team Goals
  • Monday – 16:15..17:00 Ubuntu LoCo Council Items
  • Wednesday – 10:00..10:45 Reliable U1 CouchDB sync
  • Wednesday – 10:00..10:45 Power Consumption
  • Wednesday – 14:30..14:45 – Patent Wars
  • Thursday – 10:00..10:45 Edubuntu plans
  • Thursday – 10:00..10:45 bug tracking, targetting, lists
  • Thursday – 12:00..13:00 Community Participation in User Experience
  • Thursday – 14:30..14:45 Ubuntu and UEFI Secure Boot
  • Friday – 10:00..10:45 Reducing Community Bickering
  • Friday – 15:00..16:00 IRC workshops for 12.04
  • Friday – 16:15..17:00 Community Bug Involvement

As you can see there are some conflicts, but the good thing is that you can always go back and look at logs, view the related pad and look at the associated blueprints if you miss a session you are interested in.

Soon I will be off to sleep and then off to the airport tomorrow. I can tell it will be a tough farewell as all three of my children are already begging me to not go. I will miss them, but UDS is a truly rewarding time.

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One Response to Packed for UDS

  1. For the last few UDSs, I’ve been recording the audio streams, which is another way to deal with double-booked sessions:

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