Ubuntu Community and Being Appreciative

This morning via IRC I caught a conversation about the Ubuntu Community and being appreciative.  It was a very insightful conversation in which people were concerned that the longer a person has been actively involved in the community the less appreciated they feel sometimes. The discussion made me realize that there are likely several people performing important functions that are taken for granted.

ie., Image Testing is a crucial component of each release, but it is one I think most people do not even think about.  — see http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ for more details

I certainly appreciate the work that people do to ensure that the CD images are all tested and working. When I got more involved with the process during the release of 11.04 I was also amazed at how easy it was to participate. I would imagine there are many other functions that people take on that are similar so I think having some way of making the community aware of the functions and the people involved with them is a valuable thing.

As the discussion of this went a bit deeper it also became apparent that it was undesirable to have this appreciation become quantifiable in a way that could lead to people feeling competitive about it or feeling depressed. If you feel that this is a worthy idea you can do two things to help.

  • Be appreciative of the community for producing and promoting Ubuntu
  • Take a look at the UCADay wiki and assist in the making of an event to assist the community with this
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2 Responses to Ubuntu Community and Being Appreciative

  1. Martin Owens says:

    If you want the benefits of quantified targets but without the competition of them, then do what the translation teams do and release figures for how well something is done overall, but not how well each person did.

    We should want to encourage a sense of pride and ownership over important jobs, data is important in that.

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