Needle to the knee

Last night I went to a local urgent care facility and got a referral to go to an orthopedic specialist for my knee. The diagnosis was gout. This has been a suspected issue on my foot for 13 years, but they will not take fluid from the foot; they will take fluid from the knee. My foot has not responded well to the typical treatments for gout so it was never confirmed. So today I went to the ortho and was very pleased that they wanted to take fluid from the knee for testing. It hurt to get the needle in the knee through the muscle and at time when they were extracting fluid. They got 50cc of fluid and injected Cortisone after the fluid was removed. I now await the results – gout or something else. Finally I will know if it is gout or not.

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3 Responses to Needle to the knee

  1. David (FSF Supporter) says:

    Reading your post, Charles, I thought it as well to add that the effects of a cortizone injection (I’ve had a number of them) aren’t by any means immediate…expect a day or two before the full effects are present.

    As gout is manageable I hope it turns out to be that and nothing worse…best of wishes to you!

  2. Dude, they can usually determine pretty easily if you have gout or not via a blood test. All they have to do is see if your uric acid levels are high when you have a what may be a gout flare up. Have you tried allopurinol?

    • Charles Profitt says:

      MY blood test in past incidents were all slightly under the borderline; so they were inconclusive. The liquid taken from the knee will make it 100%; so I get the benefit of relieving pressure, cortisone and a conclusive answer to the question concerning gout.

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