Life is change.

My life has recently entered a period of flux. I have stepped down from several projects I had been working on over the last few years. Partly this is due to wanting to ‘refocus’ my efforts on things that really truly matter to me. My mind has been in turmoil that last three months or so as I struggled with deciding what would go and what would stay.

It is difficult to leave behind ‘things’ that we have spent a lot of time with, but there are times when fresh new surroundings re-invigorate us.  I have decided to step down from the following:

  • Ubuntu Beginners Team Council
  • Rochester Security Summit Technical Track Chair and Executive Committee

What this leaves in my queue  that I am re-focusing on are the following:

  • New York State Local Community Team Lead
  • Linux User Group of Rochester

Of more interest is what new things came in to my queue  in the last three months.

Computer Club:
The single biggest is that I was asked by a group of students to be an advisor to the computer science club. This is in a district that has no computer science program. The technology courses are limited to Microsoft Office and various auto-cad related courses. I hope to make use of my local and international contacts to bring an interesting array of topics and guests to the club. I also hope to interest the club to participate in Open Source projects.

Quality Assurance:
The quality assurance team in Ubuntu has always been of interest to me, but I have not had the time to truly dig in deep and learn the ropes. It is an area that I view as crucial to the success of Ubuntu. In the next few months I hope to spend some time digging a bit deeper and developing my level of knowledge so that I can pass that on. I have to admit the Italian Team has inspired me to try to build something similar in my loco. The first step is for me to increase my knowledge.

Loco Directory:
The Loco Directory is a tremendous resource and I truly respect those who are involved in making the project move forward. While I have seen the edges I have not had an opportunity to really assist. When I adopted Ubuntu I fully intended to learn Python and other open source programming languages, but the other things I was involved with always took priority. I now hope to make good on my original intent to learn FOSS programming.

I understand that I may or may not stay on task with my ‘new’ re-focused plans, but I am excited and re-invigorated to put in the effort.

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