Unity – Banshee Radio Stations

One of the minor nuisances of 11.04 is the lack of pre-set radio stations in Banshee. I made a list of the radio station URLs that were included with Rhythmbox and have listed them below:



Classic Rock








HBR1 – Dream Factory




You can take any of these URLs and add them to Banshee. To do this start Banshee up and then follow the images below to add the stations you prefer.

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14 Responses to Unity – Banshee Radio Stations

  1. e says:

    Nice of you!

  2. Alex says:

    Very good.
    Install also this handy audio-recorder so you can record the most interesting tracks.

  3. Mr T says:

    Thanks, I was also missing them.

    Is it possible to save the settings for Banshee so I don’t have to enter them manual next time -or on another pc?

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  5. Mr T. says:

    Ok thanks for your answer.

    I have looked at a program called Radio Tray (http://radiotray.sourceforge.net/) and it is possible to save the source list from it for later usage (a bit work but). A very nice program btw.

    Have a nice day

    • Alex says:

      Does the RadioTray work in Unity?
      I do afraid the tray-icon will not show up in Ubuntu 11.04.

      BTW: This file has radio URLs for all major countries.
      Open the all_radio_channels.xml file. It’s a fresh export from Screamer.exe (a free software radio for windows). The other files contain URLs for Norwegian radio channels.

      It would be nice if Banshee automatically displayed radio-channels for installed country-code/or language.

      • Mr. T says:

        “Does the RadioTray work in Unity?
        I do afraid the tray-icon will not show up in Ubuntu 11.04.”

        Latest version works fine on Unity, but has bad default settings that don’t work with Unity. I changed the settings so now it works on my desktop.

        This is what I did:
        1. download latest version of Radio Tray (*.deb file from here; http://radiotray.sourceforge.net/)
        2. Open the text file /home/username/.local/share/radiotray/config.xml and change enable_application_indicator_support from “false” to “true”

        I also changed enable_application_indicator_theme_support to true(but I don’t know if its needed). I hate the notifications from Radio Tray that pops up all the time so I change enabled_notifications to false.

        When you have added all your channels you can copy the file bookmarks.xml from same location for later usage.

  6. buscal says:

    thanks for the links

    but trying to listen one of them (or the others) make banshe immediatly crashing😦

    As i’m used with radiotray and/or clementine, and very satisfied with them, then banshe will not be my fav right now

  7. Whenever you talk about a nuisance/issue/bug in Banshee, could you file it in the bug tracker first (if it’s not already filed), and then post the URL on your posts please?

    This way:
    – We developers of Banshee know about what users most care about (by seeing more people in the CC list).
    – We foster the development of features of banshee, because other developers or newcomers can join the bug and propose ideas.

    • Charles Profitt says:

      I will do that — I am not sure this is a bug really… more of a change for Ubuntu users.

  8. Alex says:

    Thanks Mr. T.
    That did the trick. The tray-icon now appears in Unity.

  9. komputes says:

    There’s a bug open against Banshee: “No radio stations provided by default”


  10. Valis says:

    Install this:

    Software manager > banshee-extension-liveradio

    Restart Banshee. Now enable liveradio in Banshee:
    Edit > Preferences > Extensions > Liveradio

    Now you will have in Banshee in left menu under Online Media “Liveradio”:
    – live365.com
    – magnatune.com
    – RealRadios.com
    – xiph.com


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