Disapointment in Rochester

Despite a fantastic location and several email list announcements Global Jam Rochester ended up being a one man show. I had hoped to show several people how to get involved with QA testing of ISO releases, how to make good bug reports and how to triage bugs. While the turnout was disappointing I am not deterred and will simply work harder to make the event a success next cycle.

Global Jam Setup

Initial Setup for Natty Global Jam Rochester

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18 Responses to Disapointment in Rochester

  1. Joel P says:

    Ah bugger, better luck next time!

  2. Aw.😦

    *hugs* You’ll do better next time.

  3. ubuntero says:

    Bad luck but don’t give up, being a FLOSS advocate sometimes is very lonely.
    Maybe this make you feel less sad(I hope so!).

  4. *hugs* Sorry to hear this! Kudos for you for not being discouraged by it. When events don’t pan out for me I just try to look at it as an opportunity to take in the change of scenery and get some work done by myself🙂

  5. Patricio says:

    Hey Charles. I’m sorry to hear there were such a low turnout this year. I had a blast at the one I was able to attend (was it two years ago already?). If I were still living in the Rochester area, I would have definitely attended. As it was, I was unable to attend the one held in the Boston area this year because I’d made a previous commitment. I hope your next bug jam is much better attended.

  6. Jono Bacon says:

    Keep up the great work, Charles. Quiet days in the revolution are still days in the revolution nonetheless.🙂

    • Charles Profitt says:

      Thanks for the encouragement. I know I just have to do a better job of planning next year… though one suggestion was very simple… provide free food.

  7. antistar says:

    I’ll blame the weather. It’s been tough here in Western New York – even for us WNYers! I’ll watch your posts and spread the word around my neck of the woods when the next one comes up!

  8. Ris says:

    I am surprised. Maybe next time Will you organize a meeting in Poland ?😉

  9. Stuff like this happens sometimes. We had an Edubuntu bug day a few weeks back that didn’t quite turn out as good as we wanted. Then just a few days later we spontaneously received patches and fixes and people were helping out.

    I hope it works out better next time. Thanks for organising anyway!

  10. jorge says:

    Sorry to hear this, but the table and set up look great!

    I once had an Ubuntu event where it was just me and another guy, so we had beers and talked about Ubuntu.

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