Ubuntu: 2011 Thoughts and Goals

I never know how to begin these types of posts so I will dispense with the introduction so I can get to what really matters:

New York State

  • Continue to transition from a Western NY phenomena to a state-wide on-line group that supports local, regional and international activities. To do this I want to encourage NY State LoCo members to participate in bug jams and testing in addition to our local events. I want to maintain a personal experience while helping NY State LoCo members to work with the community more.
  • I would like to thank Landon Jurgens (slick666) for his time and effort over the last two years. He got a new job and is now living in another state, but he is always welcome in #ubuntu-us-ny.
  • Jacky Alciné is a new member to the NY State Loco, but is a highly motivated and active member of the Ubuntu Community. Jacky is a member of the Speech Control team, the Ubuntu Beginners Team, Ubuntu Bug Squad as well as several other teams.
  • Ricardo N Feliciano (jaricanese7) has taken on the task of developing a new website for the NY State LoCo and also organized the NY City area Launch Party for 10.10.
  • RedSingularity is another high energy new member who is a member of the Ubuntu Bugsquad in addition to working towards Ubuntu Beginners Team membership.

Ubuntu Beginners Team

  • The Ubuntu Beginners Team is still in a transition period that started at UDS-N. We are trying to improve the experience for both new community members and community members looking for ways to give back to the community. Jono and I talked at UDS-N about how personal experiences are what makes an impact on community members. This is a belief I agree with that mirrors my own personal experience. It is the community that keeps me with Ubuntu. I want to guide the Beginners Team to provide that ‘personal touch’ that draws people in to the Ubuntu Community and then inspires and encourages them to contribute.
  • Assist in having developers and testers think about accessibility. I spent a great deal of time with Charlie Kravetz (charlie-tca) and Penelope Stowe (pendulum) at UDS-N talking about accessibility. As a systems administrator at a K-12 school I get to see how the lack of accessibility impacts young students. I know how critical it is to ensure that Ubuntu makes accessibility a first-tier priority. To do that we need to ensure developers understand accessibility and build it into their applications from the design phase. The Beginners Team is glad to announce Charlie Kravetz (charlie-tca) as the first Accessibility mentor. He can help mentor developers interested in building accessibility in to their software. I hope to see this area grow.
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