Hands-on Open Source Lab: Success

The hands-on open source lab I taught at NYSCATE 2010 was a resounding success. The technical staff at the school hosting the labs allowed Ubuntu to be loaded on the computers used. This allowed the attendees to experience Ubuntu and several open source applications.

Two of the attendees are considering switching their labs from Windows to Ubuntu after the lab and one is looking to upgrade their school from older Ubuntu installs to the most current LTS. All attendees were amazed with Blender and the sheer quality and quantity of available applications.

Tomorrow I get to present Free and Open in Education: ISTE 21st Century Skills and NETP 2010. I expect to have pack the 120 person capacity room. I will post and update on how that goes tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Hands-on Open Source Lab: Success

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  2. Urko Masse says:

    We are thinking about piloting a Linux laptop program (currently running a Windows laptop program) at our school.
    I will be preparing the proposal/demo/promotion stuff. It sounds like you have some very interesting stuff, and I would really appreciate getting some of it. It will help me make my case🙂

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