UDS-N: Unity Sensationalism Exposed

Today in the community round table the topic of Unity was discussed and a link to a blog post was shared. The blog post is just riddled with untruth.

“Ubuntu developer Jono Bacon was quick to point out that Unity will still depend heavily on GNOME’s software stack, even if the interface itself break away from GNOME.”

What? Jono Bacon is not a developer; he is the community manager.

“Canonical has been pulling away from the GNOME project for about two years,” he declared.  “So, this was inevitable.  I suspect that the timing probably has a lot to do with Mark’s jealousy of the recent OS X Tiger announcement.”

Mark is Jealous? I have failed to detect that. Unity is actually a shell that is suitable for a Netbook and a Desktop.

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4 Responses to UDS-N: Unity Sensationalism Exposed

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  2. Chris says:

    This is a website called ubuntu geek. What did you really expect?🙂

  3. CronOs says:

    you link to the copy/paste geek. see the original article🙂

  4. Another inaccuracy: Mac OS X Tiger came out years ago. The new one is Lion. :p

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