UDS-N: Ubuntu; Linux for Human Beings

Tonight I got to witness several human beings jamming; playing guitars, keyboards and belting out lyrics. It caused me to sit and reflect about what makes Ubuntu. Unlike some other distributions would like to push it is not the packages, modules, bytes or bits; it is the people. The Ubuntu projects may be a community centered around a software project, but it is a community first and foremost. The software doesn’t make Ubuntu great; the people do. People willing to be human.

This all reminded me of a Microsoft ad with Deepak Chopra. Many thought this ad was aimed at Apple, but it was not. It was aimed at Ubuntu; Linux for Human Beings.

“I am a PC and I am a human being. Not a human doing. Not a human thinking. A human being.”

Sorry, Microsoft. I have seen the human beings who make Ubuntu; they are like me. They will make fantastic software that works the way I want it to. As a member of the community that has benefited from their efforts I can only hope that they enjoy creating it as much as my family and I enjoy using it.

From me to the Ubuntu Community; thank you!!

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