UDS Preparations

First let me say that all the issues detailed below are due to my being anal and unfamiliar with flying these days.

I am in a quandary as to what to pack for UDS. This is not related to clothing or other normal things, but technology. I have my laptop, extra battery, and a power strip. I have an Ethernet cable, my MP3 player, a USB thumb drive with several books on it, but I can not decide on what mouse to bring.

Yes, which mouse. I have a Logitech Anywhere MX and a Performance MX. The Anywhere is a bit smaller and lacks the extra buttons the Performance has. The Performance is powered by a single rechargeable battery and can be powered via a direct USB connection. The Anywhere uses two traditional batteries. So I can go small and leave the extra charging gear at home or go large and have my extra buttons with no fear of running out of battery power.

Who knew something so simple would cause such a delay in my preparations. Good thing my flight does not leave for another 8.5 hours; though I do have to be at the airport two hours before departure.

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