Bad day in the IT department

Have you ever had one of those days? I have to admit they are rare for me, but yesterday was one of those days.

The first problem was that three of my blade servers refused to power up. After some initial troubleshooting I discovered that this is a ‘known firmware issue’. What?!? According to the vendor if the blades are up for a really long time (yes, mine were) and you remove them from power (yes, I moved them) then they will refuse to power up. The solution is to replace the motherboard. Good thing they were all under warranty.

The second problem was related to the server and storage that was just moved to a hosted data center. The data center advertised fantastic reliability; dual this and dual that for redundancy. After finally working through the blade issue I notice that my hosted server had shut down due to high ambient air temperatures. When I call the data center I find out that both AC units failed, but they are working on it. I check my server’s logs and find that the ambient air temperature had reached 47 Celsius.

This morning I get to replace the motherboards and I hope that ends my exciting “see what can happen week”.

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6 Responses to Bad day in the IT department

  1. shermann says:

    Now I would like to know the manufacture of those blades?

    HP, Dell, IBM?

    I would take a guess and say Dell😉

  2. No one says:

    They’re so redundant, they even have redundant errors!

  3. Ellipsis says:

    47C… wow

  4. …they will refuse to power up.

    Wow! That’s very alarming. Despite the fact that you’ve had great results from that particular vendor, word about this really needs to get around. Didn’t the vendor send out some type of service advisory when they found out about this problem??!!

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