@Ubuntu.com email (update 4)

One of the accounts that I used to test my @ubuntu.com email finally got an undeliverable email response. This indicated that the @ubuntu.com emails come from fiordland.canonical.com. So Canonical has chlorine.canonical.com, palladium.canonical.com and fiordland.canonical.com. Backscatter, the extortionist blacklist, has fiordland.canonical.com on its list. Neither Spamhaus or Returnpath listed it. So another decision by TWC to block a domain based on a single blacklist from an organization that extorts money from domain holders. Not acceptable. Here are the results.

This makes reference to the ‘score’ and Returnpath does list this server as a ‘high risk’.

I put in the request to unblock this email server, but I will have to see what happens. I just wish that this information could have been obtained from some sort of community documentation or perhaps in response to the tickets I put in. The fact that Canonical appears to not have the resources to respond to things that impact the people who are their grass roots marketing team is a bit frustrating, but in the end this is not Canonical’s fault. Time Warner Cable is just being really, really paranoid with their blacklist implementation.

I would like to see a community sysadmin team that could triage problems for the Canonical sysadmin team. Something similar to bug-control.

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3 Responses to @Ubuntu.com email (update 4)

  1. TGM says:

    Sounds like it’s time for a new email account. And let Time Warner know why.

    • Charles Profitt says:

      That would fix the problem — unless my new email provider adopts the same solution. The real question is how to prevent fiordland.canonical.com from ending up blacklisted.

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