@Ubuntu email not working (2nd update)

I received an email from the Time Warner systems administrators this morning in regards to my email not working.

It appears that the IP address of the sender is being blocked by one or more 3rd 
party blacklist sites. While Time Warner is not affiliated with these sites, we 
do take their lists into account in order to protect the whole of the Roadrunner 
users from spam. They will need to contact these sites in order to have the 
blocks removed. Once this is done, then you should see the errors go away. To 
find out which sites they are blacklisted on, please go to www.mxtoolbox.com and 
enter the IP address of This will give you a comprehensive list 
of who has found the IP address to be questionable.  They will need to contact 
each individual blacklist group to have the IP removed from their listing.

So it appears that Time Warner is blocking email from Canonical due to their using some sort of blacklisting tool which queries this on-line database. When I check the database there are two sites that list Canonical as blocked

Now this is where it gets interesting. I went to those sites and was told by Backscatterer.org that the listing would expire on August 29th unless I wanted to pay $75 for expedited removal. That seems more like blackmail than a legitimate blacklisting process. At this point it looks like I have to continue to change over all my email lists to an email that is not on my ISP and change my business cards. I am not sure what good it will do to tell my ISP that they are blocking a legitimate company due to a policy of blocking email because a domain has two block results in a large list.

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12 Responses to @Ubuntu email not working (2nd update)

  1. Man that’s like clear and simple extortion.

    • Charles Profitt says:

      Yep — that is what it is… sad. I hope to get a real response from a Time Warner person, but suspect that Canonical might have a bit more luck.

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  3. Juanjo says:

    This is frequent, and I ever encourage system administrators to not rely on blacklists that ask form money to be de-listed.

    You should complain to the system administrator that is using those blacklists, because it’s a mistake.

    sorbs, spamhaus and spamcop do the right think.

  4. Bleh. Why not open a Gmail account and have it forward there? You can even have Gmail sign in to your TWC account and download mail so you don’t have to worry about changing emails right away.

    • Charles Profitt says:

      Even with a gmail account this could potentially be no different. All it would take is Google to subscribe to the same policy/service that Time Warner does. The real issue why Time Warner would blacklist based on a 2% response and why any service would support a blacklist that asks for money (extortion) in order to get domains removed.

  5. What do Canonical sysadmins say about this?

  6. TGM says:

    It would be interesting to know why Canonical has been blacklisted (although temporary) and who (or what) is causing the blacklist.

  7. Troy Ready says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Every e-mail administrator has to rely on blacklists, but I agree with the advice given elsewhere that the ones with a blackmail charge like this should be avoided. I’ll be reviewing the ones our gateway uses now.

  8. Dave says:

    The ISPs rely on carrier status to avoid liability for transmitting ‘naughty’ (illegal, libellous, pornographic etc) content. Doesn’t that same carrier status require them to not interfere with the traffic they’re carrying?

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