@Ubuntu.com email not working (third update)

More interesting data concerning my issue with @ubuntu.com email not working. It would appear that @ubuntu.com and list.ubuntu.com emails come from chlorine.canonical.com, but launchpad emails (which I previously tested as working) come from palladium.canonical.com.

When using several MX tools that show blacklists chlorine.canonical.com is listed as blocked and palladium. canonical.com is not.

The tools I used are:

Return Path originally listed the domain, but I was able to quickly ask that it be removed. I then tested several minutes later and it was no longer being listed. mxtoolbox.com still lists the site with two of its results; one of which was the one that blocks for four weeks unless you pay.

I am still waiting on a response from TWC on them white listing Canonical; I hope good sense prevails in that case, but we will see.

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3 Responses to @Ubuntu.com email not working (third update)

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  2. Dude, you are more dedicated than me. But I gotta tell ya, it’s like turning into Dr. Who every day to see what’s happened next. I hope you keep posting this shite, cause I LOVE IT. I mean that.

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