@Ubuntu email not working…

First let me apologize to anyone that tried reaching me with my @ubuntu email address recently. I am not ignoring you, but there is a problem with the email getting forwarded to my ‘real’ account.

The facts:
At some point in recent past my email @ubuntu.com email address stopped being received by my real email account. No failure was sent to the sender. It did not go in to any spam filter. I was alerted to this by a person who is used to my quick response and thought it was odd that I had not responded to three of their emails.

I checked launchpad to ensure that my real address was listed as my contact address. I tried using the “contact this person” feature and got an email. I then tried, using a different email, sending an email directly to the @ubuntu.com address. Nothing. No failed message and no message received. I hit a digital abyss with my message.

I then reported the problem on Launchpad then later was directed to use rt@ubuntu.com. When I followed up on the #canonical-sysadmin channel I was told to resubmit since the original apparently never made it in to the system. The original report was sent on August 3rd at roughly 17:23 GMT. The second, sent by request, was sent August 4th at 10:48 GMT.

I still have a non-working email address and I have no idea what the status is. I look at the ticket in rt, but only see the admonishment not to put in duplicate request. No assignment. Nothing that would give me hope that this will be resolved or at least investigated.

I understand that this is a free service that Canonical is providing. I also understand that I am providing Canonical a free service as an Ubuntu advocate. A service that I perform via this very same @ubuntu.com email that is non-functional. I do not expect instant service, but I think it would be reasonable to have some feedback as to a time frame. This would allow me to change my email list subscriptions so I can continue to work with the various teams I am part of.

As a systems administrator myself I know how important email is to the people I support. I would never expect them to be happy with non-functional email that does not alert the sender to the issue. I would never expect them to accept the fact that they would not receive any updates or time estimates in regards to resolving the issue. As a community advocate, LUG leader, Python group leader, Beginners Team Council member and LoCo lead I also do not want to depend on a system that works this way. I have higher standards for myself.

This leads me to question depending on my @ubuntu.com email. Is that really the issue? Could my ISP be blocking email from the server forwarding the @ubuntu.com email? I have to make a decision and for the sake of the people I work with I need to make one soon.

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5 Responses to @Ubuntu email not working…

  1. Have you considered setting it to forward to another email, perhaps one on Gmail? That would start to give you an idea if your ISP is blocking it. (I never use ISP email ever)

    • Charles Profitt says:

      I have thought of that — I currently do not have any emails of that sort to use for testing. It also takes up to 48 hours for that change to take effect. If my ISP is blocking it might be better to switch anyway… though I guess I could double forward things.

  2. David says:

    If you have your own hosting you will, likely, have email as part of the package so why not set up an email account on that and get as full control over your account as one can without owning a hosting company and an ISP? I realise this wouldn’t do anything to alleviate your 48 hour switch-over delay but it would still seem to be a good long-term move. You may also find that your hosting provider may offer Spam Assassin which does a pretty good job with my spam mail blocking and puts the anti-spam system under your control not that of Google or any other provider. Should you want for such a system without having to buy appropriate hosting I’ll set you up an account on my hosting if that would be of any assistance.

    • Charles Profitt says:

      That makes the assumption that my ISP is the issue vs. an issue with the system that forwards the email. I appreciate the offer of setting up such a system on your hosting. I will have to consider all my options over the weekend.

  3. I had a similar problem earlier this week. Mine forwards to my gmail account.

    I think it was Tuesday and Wednesday that I got no mail. Then suddenly throughout Thursday they started flowing through. It’s quite odd since I haven’t seen anyone else mention it yet.

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