Jono Bacon recommends pyJunior

I posted about my co-authored article on Smartbean yesterday and a very influential mover and shaker commented, indirectly, on the article to recommend a piece of software. When Jono talks I listen. So I checked out the link that Masmad posted about pyJunior.  I was really impressed with the information on the pyJunior… now I just have to get time to give it a more in-depth look. Jono’s article was a call for help in producing documentation. I have yet to follow-up with him, but I certainly would be interested in getting this moved forward.

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One Response to Jono Bacon recommends pyJunior

  1. Jim Campbell says:

    Hi there,

    A couple of us started work on porting “Snake Wrangling for Kids,” to Mallard (the GNOME documentation syntax). You can get the sources here:

    Feel free to follow-up with any questions!

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