Ubuntu One and the Lucid Lynx (Ubunt 10.04)

I know many people that are not happy that Ubuntu One is a default package with Ubuntu; I am not one. I have found the service to be invaluable with the diverse machines I use in a week. With Lucid Lynx (Ubuntu 10.04) I noticed that there is a right click option on folders to sync the folder with Ubuntu One. I have not given this feature a try yet, but this feature could make it easier for me to use Ubuntu One. Check out the full image from the thumbnail below:

It will be interesting to see if and how this changes the Ubuntu One usage for most people.

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10 Responses to Ubuntu One and the Lucid Lynx (Ubunt 10.04)

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  2. Rodrigo Schmidt says:

    Dropbox is better, isn’t?

    • Charles Profitt says:

      I have not used Dropbox nor Spideroak. To be honest I like the features Ubuntu One currently has — they are enough for my needs. At some point I will have to try those other services out.

  3. Dropbox is better as things stand today, but its ultimately just a ‘dumb’ folder I’ve got to manually drag everything into. Ubuntu One brings relevant information from different parts of the OS automatically, in this regard Ubuntu One will end up being way better than Dropbox in a few cycles time. Unless Dropbox starts doing the same of course.

  4. TrueTom says:

    Since the menu is already crowded the option should have been merged with ‘Sharing Options’.

    • Charles Profitt says:

      But Ubuntu One is not always ‘sharing’ in the sense of sharing with someone else… I think that might lead people to the wrong conclusion… I do understand about ‘crowded’ menus though.

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  6. ValentinV says:

    I like ubuntu one and now i`m using Conduit Sync to sync some of my folders with ubuntu one but recently i stopped Ubuntu One from starting at startup because it used a lot of CPU and also it didn`t conect at startup … This feature is wonderful since i gues it will make conduit not needed anymore. I actualy posted on the forum about this feature when ubuntu one came out and gave example a similar service from Microsoft

    Great feature .. i hope it`s the way i imagine it didn`t test it yet😀

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  8. BeSerious says:

    The Ubuntu One ‘issue’ was never about it being simply available but I guess the meaning/definition of “ubuntu” changed after the distro managed to get popular.

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