Gwibber makes it to Ubuntu 10.04

I have a twitter account and an account… but I have not used Gwibber or any other social media program. I have to say that his client looks very cool. The ability of it to work with Facebook, Twitter and make it a solid choice. This is another application that should appeal to new Linux users. Bravo, again, to Canonical and the Ubuntu community.

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2 Responses to Gwibber makes it to Ubuntu 10.04

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  2. Darth Vader says:

    Unless Ubuntu Team does something extreme with it am uninstalling. I just tried it, as an effort to early adopt new changes to ubuntu system, and I am so disappointed that I’ve removed it asap. It took all twitter updates, ALL I mean from everyone and my notify is displaying stupid messages for past half an hour :/… Weird thing is… am following 8 and have 3 followers… Stupid!

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