UNR: Ubuntu Netbook Remix to the rescue

Today, early in the morning, I received a call from my in-laws. Their Windows XP Netbook was infected with some piece of malware and the computer was no longer ‘booting’. I got my trusty ‘recovery tools’ out – several Linux based anti-virus rescue disks and an Ubuntu liveCD for recovering data if a complete reinstall was necessary.

When they arrived the ‘story’ was updated and I found out that another family member tried to ‘clean’ the system. Apparently this cleaning was what made the computer have issues booting. It would boot, but just auto-magically log the user off; even in safe mode. Apparently they had been hit by Internet Security 2010 malware; while running as an administrative user of course. The other family member tried using Malwarebytes to remove the malware, but when it completed the computer would no longer allow a user to login.

This is where things get interesting.

I loaded up the netbook with Ubuntu from a liveCD and was rescuing the data files from the computer. I was then asked what I was using. After an explanation and viewing of several Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) videos of Youtube I was asked if I could just install UNR.

I finished the install and updates and handed the computer to my in-laws. They were absolutely amazed that it had taken so little time to get a fully functional system up and running. They were completely blown away when they found out that Firefox, OpenOffice and Sodoku was already installed as well. I think they may be considering converting other computers after seeing how well UNR ran on their netbook that had been ‘sluggish’ under Windows XP.

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13 Responses to UNR: Ubuntu Netbook Remix to the rescue

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  2. “Na na na na na na na na …. Ubuntu Man!”

    Don’t worry, I will save you!

  3. Every time I see a Windows PC, I wish I could do that!

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  5. Victor says:

    I think congratulations are in order, both to you and your family members!🙂 Nice job!

  6. nixternal says:

    And lets not forget, Windows XP on a netbook is so wrong in many ways. How about for one, a lot of the windows are bigger than the screen, which was really weird.

  7. nasrullah says:

    nice to choose Ubuntu…………..the freedom OS…………

  8. Dave Morley says:

    Nice one dude🙂

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  10. LCC says:

    I’ve finally convinced my brother to get off the Win XP ride. Years of one bit of malware after another finally got him. I had him download a copy of Xubuntu for his older laptop & put Ubuntu on his PC. Sadly, he insisted on adding the XP theme.

  11. Jon says:

    Ubuntu to the rescue again…

    I had a friend that had a similar issue with XP. He ended up doing a clean install again, and had lost the drivers disc he need to get the rest of the hardware up and running. I ended up putting just a basic live Ubuntu CD in that his family had been trying. Of course everything worked with it, but he didn’t want it installed. I downloaded the drivers, rebooted, and installed. He was happy again.

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