Think Geek: Customer Service Experience

I recently used some of my ‘Christmas money’ to purchase a few gifts that I did not find in my stocking or under my tree. One of these toys was an R/C helicopter from Think Geek. Video below:

My helicopter was unable to hover and had a circular ‘wobble’ to it. I contacted Thinkgeek to ask it this was normal. My experience with many on-line vendors is that they try to make the customer so tired of jumping through hoops that they give up and just keep the defective product. Think Geek on the other hand replied to my email query with “it sounds like it might be defective, would you like to exchange it for one that works?” After I agreed they issued an RMA and instructions that included a label that was used to send the product back at their expense. Major kudos to Think Geek!! That was fantastic customer service.

I have to be honest I love some of the fantastic ‘toys’ at Think Geek.

Here are some things I already own:

Here are some things I am still debating getting.

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7 Responses to Think Geek: Customer Service Experience

  1. Mackenzie says:

    Their night vision goggles tend to have a faulty switch. When any toys are returned to them, they send them to HacDC, the Washington, DC hackerspace, as ThinkGeek is located in the suburbs of DC. HacDC people then hack the toys into something workable. There are probably a dozen pairs of repaired night vision goggles there now.

  2. ethana2 says:

    I loaded up on $200 of stuff there recently. Got some serious ‘geek points’. I think I’ll probably redeem them when I buy some capacitive gloves.

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  6. Andrea says:

    really fantastic🙂

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