LUGOR Logo Part 5

I think I am nearing the end… this last logo I almost like enough to be satisfied.

(click for larger image)

This could be paired with the non-badge county shape as well (see below)

(click for larger image)

I think the pair are pretty good… it is time to sleep on this and let the LUG members vote.

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5 Responses to LUGOR Logo Part 5

  1. Dmitrijs Ledkovs says:

    This looks absolutely gordous!

  2. Yes I agree! They both came out really well😀

  3. Carl Helmers says:

    Lugor Part 5 looks absolutely great as a start, but I would add a small version of the classic Tux to it… the trademark of that classic Tux — if I recall — is owned by Linux International (Jon Maddog Hall) in Nashua NH… I think there should be no problem
    using it as a small part of the logo… Carl

  4. My issue with the logos is that they won’t print well. While they’ll look good online, they’ll be really expensive to print should the LUG ever want to do SWAG of any kind (T-Shirts)

    Getting the logo down to 3 or fewer colors is a must and should you want to print on small items like Pens, the logo should be in a landscape orientation.

  5. drubin says:

    Huge fan! Nice work seriously they look amazing

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